HASP Training Ltd provide travel safety awareness training to clients sending staff overseas 

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Working and travelling overseas is exciting, but there are risks to being an outsider in certain parts of the world.  Our team prepare business men and women, journalists and aid workers for work in often tense and dangerous situations.  Employers sending their staff overseas have a duty to ensure they are prepared, attending a HASP course takes care of this for you.

What our clients are saying

Having previously been in one or two hostile environments, I found the HASP course to be very comforting. Not only did I realise how little I knew but also just how much I could have got it wrong. Just the right length and pitched at the right level, the messages went in loud and clear. I thoroughly enjoyed it too, which was a bonus.
— Steve McDowell, Editor Investazine


Examples of Courses

The Benefits

After a HASP course your employees will walk away with:

  • A wealth of new skills to deal with difficult situations they might face overseas.
  • A copy of our book "Travelling Safely Overseas" (also now available as an eBook)
  • Increased confidence and the ability to carry out regular risk reviews.
  • An Emergency First Aid certificate.
  • The Individual Trauma pack (ITP) that they trained with.
  • An increased awareness of the potential threats and where to look for the very latest travel advice.
  • A greater understanding of the agencies on hand to assist them should they need to be extracted from trouble.
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge that ensures your safety.
  • A thorough understanding of Kidnap & Ransom for Extortion (KRE).

Our objective is to “Prepare not Scare”




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