Delivered at a time and location that’s convenient for you, the 4-hour travel safety brief can be tailored to your team’s level of experience and requirements with emphasis on medical skills, security, or both.

The programme comprises the following subjects -

1 - Introduction – Overview of the risks to travellers and business people, why you are at risk and steps to take to lower your profile and avoid unwanted attention.

2 - Situation Awareness – Personal conflict management, body language

3 - SAFE approach - What you can do in certain circumstances how you can give lifesaving first aid without becoming a casualty yourself.

4 - Pre-trip planning - Research / Documentation / Equipment.  Steps you can take to reduce the impact of incidents, such as being robbed, losing your passport and arriving at the Embassy with just your shirt.

5 - Personal Security – Arriving at your destination / transiting to your hotel or guest house / Out on the town.  We look at all the possible vulnerable points that thieves and conmen will concentrate on to relieve new arrivals of their belongings.

6 - Vehicle Security – Controlling your driver, rudimentary to thorough checks if you’re hiring the driver and his vehicle for a run round town or for a three-day trip.

7 - Vehicle check points – A thorn in everyone’s side throughout much of the world, what they are, who mans them and how to successfully negotiate them.

8 - Working with interpreters and local nationals -  A much-overlooked topic but pay attention to it and you can avoid confusion, save time, conduct business more smoothly and improve your safety.

9 - Medical Kits -  Kit you can carry and know how to use.

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