In many parts of the world Ambulances are little more than taxis with blue lights. 


Road Traffic Collisions are a big killer in some parts of the world, standards of road safety vary wildly.  Medical Services are often woefully inadequate and the only help on hand is you. 

Would you know what to do? Could you keep someone alive until help arrives?

RTC Days are an excellent opportunity to bond as a team, learn new skills or refresh/practice existing ones. 

Guided by serving Army Medics (with experience in Afghanistan and Iraq) and Firemen (with years of experience on our busy Motorways) you’ll enjoy the experience and hear some real-life tales over steaming cuppas during the breaks.

Join us for an action-packed day, dealing with simulated car crashes in Eversley.


If you think attending an RTC Day with is would benefit your team, get in touch using the tab below, we look forward to hearing from you.