What our clients are saying about their courses

When a client asks for HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training), we always ask Rupert and HASP team to work with us.
There are plenty of HEAT trainers to choose from, so it’s refreshing to find one that is thorough, thoughtful, adaptable and passionately led. We’ve found we can completely trust them with our clients and their care. The trainers get the information across through discussion, as well as scenarios based on real life experience having worked in both green kit & the corporate world. HASP training is not Brag & Bluster but is Poignant and Punchy!
— Matt Ilott, Business Manager - Training Expertise Ltd

In September 2016 we contracted HASP Training Limited  to  assist us mitigate some of the risks we had identified. Over three days they did just that. In providing their  ‘hostile environment’ and ‘crisis scene’ first aid training  they carefully guided a mixed gender team through a well-crafted course that achieved the desirable mix of being; memorable, relevant , appropriately scaled and fun. While risk can never be eliminated, preparation and knowledge are two excellent ways to reduce  the impact of the unexpected and undesirable. Following our engagement of HASP I now believe our staff are better able to manage themselves as individuals and as a team  when travelling on RNLI business.  For those monitoring and managing from ‘home’ this is a real comfort.


Matthew Beaumont International Business & Performance Manager  RNLI

Hi Rupert, I wanted to thank you for the course; its delivery, content and scenario rehearsals were superb; I hope to a get a chance in the near future to put it into practice.
Please also pass on my details to the guys.
— James Geering – Cyriga Ltd
Rupert and Stuart are both extremely knowledgeable and this comes across when they are teaching they are also very down to earth and approachable and are happy to assist with any questions at any time.

After attending the HASP training with Rupert and Stuart I feel I have gained a lot of valuable information that can be used when travelling to hostile environments for work and also skills that can be used in my personal life.

The content of the course is good as is the rate of which it is taught. The practical exercises were very realistic and informative.

The first aid portion of the course is very in-depth and the knowledge gained in this area can be transferred to everyday life. The medical kit that is provided is an added bonus and contains a lot of useful items.

I would definitely recommend this course to any company that has personnel that travel to hostile environments.
— Kyle Wright Field Service Engineer Aker Subsea Ltd

"The training programme was delivered in a friendly, informative style making it an entertaining and enjoyable experience.  The practical checkpoint scenario was a particular eye-opener!  We all left better prepared for travel in remote and unpredictable environments and I was particularly thankful for the trauma first aid aspect of the course when on my next trip, I had to take control of a serious incident until the emergency services arrived" - Doctor Colin Berry.