“Having previously been in one or two hostile environments, I found the HASP course to be very comforting. Not only did I realise how little I knew but also just how much I could have got it wrong. Just the right length and pitched at the right level, the messages went in loud and clear. I thoroughly enjoyed it too, which was a bonus.”
— Steve McDowell, Editor Investazine

Rupert Godesen - Managing Director

Rupert is our Managing Director and Lead Instructor.  As a soldier he served in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as on exercises throughout the world, from the Arctic to the Desert and many points in between.  Upon leaving the military he went on to train correspondents and journalists from the BBC. 



This role saw him running courses in the UK as well as in Pakistan, India and Africa running training for the BBC World Service.  Six years on and now married with a daughter, an unmissable opportunity arose to create his own company for a prestigious London media client and HASP Training was born.

Relocating to Bournemouth and now with a son Rupert has written several pocket books, two on soldiering and shooting and lastly "Travelling Safely Overseas" which is out as an eBook and is a distillation of his experiences teaching travel safety.

Rupert undertakes consulting work for several large companies, which has taken him to Peru, Sweden, Holland and Mexico in the last couple of years.  He is currently embarking on a period of "saw sharpening" to update his skills and is hoping to achieve both of the ASIS  CPP and PSP qualifications by the end of 2018.  

Stuart Wilson - Chief Medical Instructor

Stuart served in the Regular Army for twenty three years followed by five years in the Army Reserve, much of his time teaching and instructing in various training wings.  

Stuart uses this wealth of operational experience to add life and colour to his medical training.

He firmly believes that clients get the most out of the training by learning and then practising.  PowerPoint and note taking are followed by lots and lots of practical. 

At the end of each course delegates get the opportunity to take home the Medical Packs they trained on and everyone who completes the day and can demonstrate that they can perform Basic Life Support gets an Emergency First Certificate as standard.

 dealing with a choking stuart

dealing with a choking stuart

Steve Inglis - Security Instructor

Steve served in the British Army for twelve years on operations and exercises around the world. Since leaving the Armed Forces he has worked in the security industry as a trainer applying his broad experience to both the private sector and the international media.

Steve and Rupert became friends while working together training the BBC.  HASP’s courses are normally concluded with a demanding practical scenario, where delegates get to put their new skills to use in a controlled environment.

Steve choreographs and conducts these for HASP, he goes to great lengths to make them challenging, different and relevant.  Sometimes they're such a guarded secret that even his fellow instructors don’t know what he has in store.

 steve inglis security instructor

steve inglis security instructor