1 Day HEAT Course

1 Day HEAT Course

If you’ve been asked to go on an assignment at short notice, you may have neither the time nor the opportunity to complete a 3-day HEAT course.  In this instance our 1-day course can bridge that gap, teaching new skills or refreshing existing ones, skill fade is a reality.

The HASP Training syllabus is modular and comprises separate 35 modules.  In partnership with you, we will choose the modules that you need most for your assignment, reflecting the level of experience and knowledge within the team.

The day comprises three hours of personal security followed by a further three hours of life saving first aid. As with most HASP courses, the training can either be delivered at a location suited to you (e.g. your office) or on our premises. 

Single training days are often used by our clients as a confidence check before a team travel overseas.  A safe way to iron out their safety procedures under the watchful eye of our experienced instructor.

A typical 1-day HEAT course would look something like this:

  1. Introduction – An overview of the risks to travellers and business people, why you are at risk and steps to take to lower your profile and avoid unwanted attention

  2. Situation Awareness – Personal conflict management & body language

  3. First Aid Introduction – Looking at the ‘SAFE’ approach and how to give lifesaving first aid without becoming a casualty yourself

  4. Pre-trip Planning - Research / Documentation / Equipment.  We look at the steps you can take to reduce the impact of incidents (e.g. a robbery), including losing your passport and visits to the Embassy

  5. Actions On – Discussion on how to deal with a range of first aid situations from falls from height, car crashes, knife wounds and burns

  6. Personal Security Arriving at your destination / transiting to your hotel or guest house / out on the town.  We look at all the possible vulnerable points that thieves and conmen will concentrate on to relieve new arrivals of their belongings

  7. Basic Life Support - Skills that will may keep a casualty alive until help arrives

  8. Vehicle Security – Controlling your driver, what checks to carry out if you are hiring a driver and his/her vehicle

  9. Medical Kits - Kit you can carry and know how to use

  10. Kidnap and Ransom, The Reality – Trouble spots, brief history of the trade, HMG’s response, steps to mitigate the threat, what to do if it happens for both yourself, your family, and your work colleagues.  Dealing with captivity and the return home. 

If you'd like to book a 1 Day option, get in touch using CONTACT US below. We look forward to hearing from you.