Delivered at a time and location that’s convenient for you, normally in our clients’ offices or nearby hired venue or meeting room. 

The 2-hour travel safety brief can be tailored to your team’s requirements (and destination country) with emphasis on medical skills, security or both.  Skill fade is common if you haven’t travelled for a while or are just feeling a bit rusty.

A typical programme comprises most of the following subjects -

1 - Introduction – Overview of the risks to travellers and business people, why you are at risk and steps to take to lower your profile and avoid unwanted attention.

2 - Situation Awareness – Personal conflict management, body language.

3 - Pre-trip planning - Research / Documentation / Equipment.  Steps you can take to reduce the impact of incidents, such as being robbed, losing your passport and arriving at the Embassy with just your shirt.

4 - Personal Security – Arriving at your destination / transiting to your hotel or guest house / Out on the town.  We look at all the possible vulnerable points that thieves and conmen will concentrate on to relieve new arrivals of their belongings.

5 - Vehicle Security – Controlling your driver, rudimentary to thorough checks if you’re hiring the driver and his vehicle for a run round town or for a three day trip.

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