I am a humanitarian worker with a background of emergency response in countries like Haiti, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and the Philippines. I took the HASP Hostile Environment Awareness course a year into a longer stint in Afghanistan, one of the most insecure countries for aid workers at this present moment. I found the course incredibly relevant for the kind of context I work in, especially combining the security awareness and tactics of how to react in different situations with the first aid training focusing on trauma response. I now carry my emergency trauma kit in my grab bag and feel confident in how to respond in a crisis situation.

The training was quite different from the usual ‘scare tactic’ security courses and contained a lot of day to day practical suggestions drawing on a variety of different experiences. The trainers were very approachable and continue to provide support and advice when necessary. Overall, I would really recommend the course to other aid workers, chances are nothing bad will happen, but it’s good to have developed the skills to react in advance if it does.
— Annabell Morrisey, Oxfam
Royal National Lifeboat Institution staff and volunteers travel to a range of challenging geographic and cultural locations in its pursuit of a reduction in global drowning. Our International Team is exposed to risk that is frankly unacceptable in terms of our wider duty of care as a responsible employer without taking effective mitigating actions. In September 2016 we contracted HASP Training Limited to assist us mitigate some of the risks we had identified. Over three days they did just that. In providing their ‘hostile environment’ and ‘crisis scene’ first aid training they carefully guided a mixed gender team through a well-crafted course that achieved the desirable mix of being; memorable, relevant, appropriately scaled and fun. While risk can never be eliminated, preparation and knowledge are two excellent ways to reduce the impact of the unexpected and undesirable. Following our engagement of HASP I now believe our staff are better able to manage themselves as individuals and as a team when travelling on RNLI business. For those monitoring and managing from ‘home’ this is a real comfort.
— Matthew Beaumont, Royal National Lifeboat Institution
HASP training was a very comprehensive and flexible package over a series of days. Friendly, informative and practical, the hands on role plays in a simulated environment were extremely useful. I would recommend HASP to an individual or a collective for both introductions or as a refresher to operating in a hostile environment.
— Mickey Stewart, De La Rue
We undertook Hostile Environment Awareness Training with HASP whilst preparing to drive across the world from the UK to Mongolia. The training was tailored to exactly our requirements and was delivered in a serious, but thoroughly enjoyable way. The advice given during the weekend was invaluable and proved to be useful on numerous border crossings and dealings with police and the military.

I can’t recommend HASP highly enough. The instructors are fantastic people with incredible levels of knowledge and experience. They made us all feel so much more confident about our trip. Without doubt they helped us avoid potential dangerous situations by passing on their knowledge from their own experiences, which it was clear we lacked. This training also enabled us to deal calmly with situations that were out of our control. Undertaking training with HASP was the best decision we made about the whole trip!
— Scott Pedersen, AV Trade
I wanted to thank you for the course; its delivery, content and scenario rehearsals were superb; I hope to a get a chance in the near future to put it into practice.
— James Geering, Cyriga
I thoroughly enjoyed the course - given my very limited knowledge I of course learnt loads in terms of first aid (Stu was great) and picked up lots of extra really useful security tips, which give me added peace of mind and hopefully the ability to react well in the unlikely event of a sticky situation. Thank you!
— Alicia de la cour, Kings College London
Having previously been in one or two hostile environments, I found the HASP course to be very comforting. Not only did I realise how little I knew but also just how much I could have got it wrong. Just the right length and pitched at the right level, the messages went in loud and clear. I thoroughly enjoyed it too, which was a bonus.
— Steve McDowell, Editor Investazine