1-1 HEAT Day

1-1 HEAT Day

Getting the right training solution for you or your team is an important part of any pre-trip preparation, however, time restraints can often limit your options.  This is where the HASP 1 - 1 training comes in to its own.  A day or more of tailored training for one or two people that focuses on your primary concerns.  We can run the training at your offices, or at a nearby venue, all we require is somewhere quiet with a small area to practice some lifesaving, first aid procedures.

Getting some training is better than having nothing at all.  If you are short of time, we can look to run an extra couple of days to complete the course upon returning to the UK.

The personal touch is very much a hallmark of the HASP Training approach.  Your team(s) may well have different levels of experience or need to travel at short notice, the bespoke 1 to 1 course is designed to give the best possible spread of topics to allay fears or concerns.  

Investing in HEAT Training for you or your team(s) is one of the best insurance policies you can invest in.  It gives delegates the skills they need to work safely and effectively in some of the worlds more challenging places.  In an ideal world, courses are booked well in advance allowing new knowledge sink in and giving delegates time to prepare, however, this is not always possible so we will do our best to help. 

If the 1 -1 option would suit you, get in touch using CONTACT US below and we look forward to hearing from you.