If due to bad planning or just bad luck you find yourself in a situation that you can’t handle.  From a medical emergency or serious security incident  anywhere on the planet, Marcus, Richard and Ted at NGS are the guys you need to call (although I would advise calling them before you go).  With a worldwide reach NGS do what their competitors claim to but aren’t able to deliver.  I point clients towards them because they deliver. 


TRAC Terrorism – it’s not difficult to figure out what Veryan and her team does.  She has assembled a worldwide authoritative network of experts and editors, commissioning reports on terrorist groups, their ideologies, tactics and targets to give researchers a 360˚ view of “on the ground” activity of political violence and terrorism.

TRAC offers insight into an array of situations: from researching groups and affiliations, tactics and weapons, to fast-breaking news about who was where. TRAC archives suspected terrorists and locations including names and relationships.


The International Crisis Group is without doubt my No1 research tool, I recommend it to everyone who attends our courses.  They are not affiliated or funded by any government and yet all the world’s governments benefit from their insight.

They place professional correspondents around the globe who keep their fingers on the pulse, provide free on-line advice to all, if you’re feeling generous then sponsor them.


The Travelling Safely Overseas book is the HASP Training hostile environment course condensed into a handy 10x15cm book to refer to and take on your travels.

Delegates who attend our courses get a copy as part of the package (as well as the Emergency First Aid Certificate) and you can purchase it on Amazon, eBay or from our publisher.

Written in a style to "Prepare Not Scare" which is our intention, the dialogue takes you from some initial travel advice, through to living and working in an unfamiliar environment, using an interpreter effectively and all the other topics that you'd expect.

It's packed with guidance, anecdotes, real life experiences from our Instructors as well as numerous tales of close shaves from our clients too.

To purchase as an ebook https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/564765