Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) are a killer even in the developed world but the further you get from home and the standards of road safety, vehicle maintenance and driving can fall dramatically. In many parts of the world, what we would recognise as an ambulance is little more than a taxi with blue lights. The drivers of which often require cash before helping and you might be waiting for several hours.



The occupants of a crashed car might be relying on you to help, but would you know what to do? Do you have any first aid equipment with you, could you keep someone alive until help arrives?

HEAT courses traditionally consist of security training alongside a first aid component, touching on RTC. But on our dedicated Road Traffic Collision day you will get the opportunity to experience and comprehensively manage several life like scenarios.

Our RTC day is 8 hours of exciting medical training and practice set-ups, with no prior experience needed.  The day will follow a simple format of 30 minutes of hands on teaching, followed by an exciting scenario involving simulated casualties. There will be a short debrief and plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout.   Guided by serving Army Medics (with experience in Afghanistan and Iraq) and Firemen (with years of experience on our busy motorways) you will enjoy a unique experience and hear some real-life stories during the breaks.  Not for the feint hearted, but a memorable day.

Road traffic accidents pose a significant threat to travellers and the RTC Day will provide an opportunity for the team to address skill fade, brush up existing skills or learn new ones. It also presents a great opportunity for team building and bonding. 

If you think attending an RTC Day would benefit your team, get in touch using the ‘Contact Us’ button below. We look forward to hearing from you.